Separation Processes

This is an MCQ-based quiz on the topic of Separation Processes.

This includes the following topics:-

  1. Industrial Chemical Processes

  2. Basic Separation Techniques

  3. Separations by Phase Additions or Creations

  4. Separations by Solid Agents and Barriers

  5. Separations by External Field or Gradient

  6. Introduction to Bioseparations

  7. Selection of Feasible Separations

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Which of the following separation techniques is dependent on difference in volatility?

Distillation Crystallization Magnetic separation Fractional crystallization

Crystallization exploits difference in which factors?

Specific heat Boiling point Melting point Bubble point

What is the separation by polymer membrane?

Exploits the difference in volatility Exploits the difference in diffusivity Exploits the difference in flowability Exploits the difference in permeability

Which of the following separation techniques exploits differences in electric charge and diffusivity?

Chromatography Electrophoresis Distillation Liquid Chromatography

What is the size of equipment determined by?

Rate of mass transfer from one phase to another Rate of heat transfer from one phase to another The number of reactions taking place The amount of byproduct formed

Which of the following is not an important property that governs the extent of separation?

Polarizability Vapor pressure Temperature Radius of gyration

Which of the following methods are to be applied to separate Oxygen rich components and Nitrogen rich components?

Crystallization Zone melting Magnetic separation Distillation

How will you separate o-Xylene and m-Xylene products of the same compounds?

Crystallization Distillation Polymer membrane Electrophoresis

How is Oil and Hexane separated?

Distillation Separating funnel Crystallization Electrophoresis

How a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water is be separated?

One step distillation Two step distillation Two step crystallization Separating funnel

How a mixture of iron and copper fillings is be separated?

Magnetic separation Crystallization Evaporation Distillation

How can the DNA fragments be separated from DNA?

Crystallization Electrophoresis Distillation Zone melting
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