Population Characteristics and Analysis

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Population.

This includes Population size and distribution, Population Growth and processes of population change, and Characteristics or qualities of the population.

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Migrations change the number, distribution and composition of the population in

The area of departure The area of arrival Both the area of departure and arrival None of the above

A large proportion of children in a population is a result of

High birth rates High life expectances High death rates More married couples

The magnitude of population growth refers to

The total population of an area The number of persons added each year The rate at which the population increases The number of females per thousand males

Which one of the following country has higher population density than India?

Bangladesh Nepal Korea Canada

What percentage of India’s population resides in the most populated state of India, Uttar Pradesh?

38.96 per cent 14.37 per cent 16.16 per cent 20.56 per cent

Which state has the lowest population in India?

Uttar Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Sikkim All of these

India accounts for what percentage of the world population?

16.7 per cent 20 per cent 15 per cent 18.6 per cent

Which is the point of reference from which all other elements are observed?

Fauna Population Flora All of these

What do you mean by the magnitude of population growth?

The total population of an area The number of females per thousand males The number of persons added each year None of these

……………. has the highest literacy rate:

Kerala Tamil Nadu Bangalore Uttar Pradesh

How much portion of population is engaged in secondary activities?

12% 10% 18% 16%

The greatest literacy rate, among the four given states is of:

Jharkhand Orissa Chattisgarh Uttar Pradesh

What is sex ratio?

Number of females per thousand males Number of females per hundred males The study of population growth Difference between birth rate and death rate

Who among the following is resource creating factors as well as resources themselves?

Animals Plants Human beings Nature

Almost half of India’s population lives in just five states. Which one of the following is not one of these five populous states?

Maharashtra Bihar West Bengal Arunachal Pradesh
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