Forests: Food Chain and Ecosystem

This is an interactive quiz on Forests: Our Lifeline.

It includes topics such as food chains, food web, and ecosystem.

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Forests are not responsible for:

Providing medicinal plants Maintaining the flow of water into the streams Creating for flood conditions Absorbing rainwater and maintaining water table

One of the following is not produced by the action of decomposers on the dead parts of plants and dead bodies of animals. This one is:

Carbon di oxide Oxygen Water Nutrients

The branchy part of a tree above the stem is known as:

Crown Canopy Sapling Humus

Which of the products is not obtained from a forest?

Honey Catechu Gum Ginger

Which of the following has the strongest stem?

A tree A creeper A climber A bush

The insects butterflies help flowering plant in:




None of these

Cutting and destroying the forests is called:




All the above

Which of the following statements is not correct:

Forests protect the soil from erosion.

Plants and animals in a forest are not depend on one another

Forests influence the climate and water cycle

Soil helps forests to grow and regenerate.

The plant also maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so the forests are called:





Heavy rain may also damages the:




None of these

Arrange the following components of a food chain in proper sequence – grass, frog, eagle, insects, snake.

Grass → insects → frog → snake → eagle. Grass → snake → insects → frog → eagle. Grass → snake → eagle → insects → frog. All are possible

Which one of the following is not a wild animal?

Bear Bison Jackal Goat

Roof of the forest made by the branches of the tall trees is called




None of these

Understoreys are formed due to

Different types of crowns

Different sizes of crown

Different heights of trees

All of these

Sequence that represents the series of eating and being eaten is called

Food series

Food chain

Food web

Food hub

Which of the following is not the name of a tree?

Teak Sal Porcupine Kachnar

Which among the following forest animals is the smallest?

Fox Boar Bison Porcupine

Which one of the following is a role of forests?

Provide food, shelter, water and medicines Prevent soil erosion Prevent flood All the above

Decomposers convert the dead plant and animal tissues into



Inorganic debris


The item that is not a product of Forest

Sealing Wax Honey Wooden statue Salt
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