English: IGCSE: Complex sentences, Summary and comprehension.

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We use the 6W’s to create a summary.


False, The 5W’s

At Hope Valley School, last Friday, there was a charity barbecue and fun afternoon to finish off a successful fundraising week. Many children had been collecting money for their local hospice by doing sponsored walks during the week. Friday was the final celebration. Some parents were running the barbeque and, by the end of the evening, they only had a few bits of food left. Other parents had baked cakes for the cake stall which raised lots of money from sales and was a huge success. Even the local newspaper photographer was there to take photos for their next edition.

Summary 1:

Hope Valley school will be in the newspaper for having a big barbeque and selling out of food. They raised the most money through selling cakes and want to do it again in the future.

Summary 2:

Hope Valley School held a successful fundraising week for their local hospice. Children and parents took part and a newspaper photographer took pictures.

A seismograph (say: size-mo-graf) is a special piece of equipment that records earthquakes by drawing them. The base of the seismograph is on the ground and above it a weight hangs from a string. When there is an earthquake, the base shakes with the ground but the weight does not and it draws a line to show how much the ground shook. Scientists use the seismograms to measure how big each earthquake is. The bigger the zigzag lines, the bigger the earthquake

Please choose the correct summary below.

Scientists use seismographs to measure how big an earthquake is. When earthquakes happen the ground shakes and seismographs measure that

A seismograph measures how much the ground moves during an earthquake. The larger the line, the larger the earthquake.

Last Wednesday, a dog got into the school. He snuck in through a hole in the fence and ran into the hall in the middle of assembly. The children gasped and laughed in surprise as Mr Sayer stopped his assembly and looked on in shock. It was only when the dog stopped by a group of children for a stroke that Mrs Robinson managed to catch him. Luckily, he was wearing a collar so they called his owner who was able to come and get him. Later that day, Mr Jones made sure the hole in the fence was fixed.

Please choose the best summary below.

Mr Jones fixed the fence at school after a dog got in and interrupted assembly before being returned to his owner.

A dog snuck into school and was returned to his owner.

Who in the 5 W’s represents:

Who are the main characters of the story?

Who is the story about?

What in the 5 W’s represents:

What are they doing ?

What happened?

Where in the 5w’s represents:



When in the 5 W’s represent:

When did it take place?

When is the book written?

Why is the five 5’s represents:

Why is it important to a reader?

Why is it taking place?

Find the complex sentence.

She ate her food while she waited for the bus.

She ate her food and she waited for the bus.

Find the complex sentence below:

We will walk to the shopping mall if the weather is fine.

We will walk to the shopping mall for the weather is fine.

Find the complex sentence below:

It was a sunny day so they decided to go swimming.

Jonathan decided to plant the tomatoes in the back garden where the sun blazed the longest during the day.

Please find the complex sentence below:

He was very wealthy but he was still unhappy.

Although he was very wealthy, he was still unhappy.

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