Analytical Chemistry:- Acid-Base Analysis

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on the topic of Acid-Base Analysis.

An acid-base titration is a method of quantitative analysis for determining the concentration of an acid or base by exactly neutralizing it with a standard solution of base or acid having a known concentration. A pH indicator is used to monitor the progress of the acid-base reaction.

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NaOH is added to a 500mL of 2M acetic acid. If the pKa value of acetic acid is approximately 4.8, what volume of 2M NaOH must be added so that the pH of the solution is 4.8?

2L 500mL 250mL 1L

The Ka for HCN is . 6.2∗10^−10 . If there is a solution of 2M HCN, what concentration of NaCN is needed in order for the pH to be 9.2?

2M 3M 1M No NaCN needs to be added

Which of the following is true regarding the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation? I. The pH of the solution is always greater than the pKa of the solution II. As the ratio of conjugate base to acid increases, the pH increases III. The hydrogen ion concentration can never equal the acid dissociation constant

I and II II only I only II and III

A researcher prepares two solutions. Solution A contains an unknown acid, HA, and solution B contains an unknown acid, HB. The researcher performs several tests and collects the following data. 1. Both solutions contain weak acids 2.  3. 4.  5. What can you conclude about these two solutions?

Acid HB is more acidic than acid HA The acid dissociation constant for HA is greater than that of HB The hydrogen ion concentration of solution A is greater than that of solution B The acids, HA and HB, are identical

47.0g of nitrous acid, HNO2, is added to 4L of water. What is the resulting pH?(Ka=4.1*10^-4)

3.0 3.5 3.2 2.5 2.0

Which of the following types of reactions best describes the following reaction: Ce4++Fe2+→ Ce3++Fe3+

Catalytic Redox reaction Combustion Double replacement Combination

What is the oxidation state of manganese in K3MnO4?






What is the oxidation state of manganese in KMnO4 ?






Which molecule would be considered a Lewis acid?






Which of the following would be considered a Lewis base?






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