How Can a Teacher be a Role Model for Students

We are more than role models for our students; we are leaders and teachers of both an academic curriculum and a social curriculum. -P.S. Belvel

Teachers have always been an inspiration for the students. Everyone has felt the power and lasting presence of an effective teacher, which also has a large impact on their life. Whether it’s learning the value of community service, discovering a love for a particular subject, or how to tap the confidence to speak in public, teachers are the ones who light the way for us in this world.

Teachers follow students through each pivotal stage of development and are poised to become one of the most influential people in students’ life. After their parents, children will first learn from their elementary school teacher. Teachers who help us grow as people are responsible for imparting some of life’s most important lessons. During their initial school years, students encounter, perhaps for the first time, other children of the same age and begin to form some of their first friendships. Though a teacher’s influence on the social sphere of school lessens as students mature, those early lessons still affect how they will interact with others in the future. To set an example of a role model and an inspirational leader, the teacher should keep in mind certain personality traits.

Inculcating Positive Thought Process

A positive environment fosters positive thinking and a positive attitude among the students. Create activities and discussions that foster conversations and discovery about who they are, and how they can appreciate the differences between each other. This type of focus from time to time will build a stronger bond between students and help them to resolve conflicts and generate a positive outlook towards life. Also, an environment of trust will build, which can relax the atmosphere and help students focus more on learning. It’s also important to help students understand the way they learn and in turn, these positive vibes will also be reflected the teacher which makes the students have more respect for their teacher.

The teacher should create a culture in the classroom that rewards kind behavior. The importance of teachers is apparent in the link between positive reinforcement and their confidence and behavior. The students should be constructive with their criticism, pointing out positives before negatives, or suggestions for improvement. Teachers should practice with exercises that allow the students to be positive and critical towards each other. Teaching children to get in the habit of looking for the good in others is never a bad role model for behavior.

Perform volunteer work

The teacher should always find ways to incorporate community service into one of the lessons and discuss the ways you have contributed to the community you live in. Try to motivate students to even contribute their bit to their community. Many schools will give students a certain amount of time off if they are doing an activity that falls into this category. Plan to organize a community service event with the class. There are many ways you can instill a sense of pride in giving back among your students. This will highlight the teacher’s sense of responsibility towards society.

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Dress Decently

Dressing appropriately may sound a little unimportant in being a role model but it plays a major role in building up the personality of a teacher. It is the job of a teacher to stand at the head of the class and foster a sense of mutual respect since the teacher wants to model professional behavior for the students from day one. This will help with classroom management issues. Dressing professionally will keep students from thinking about the teacher less respectfully and prevent irreverence from potentially misbehaving students. This goes for cleanliness and hygiene as well. This is not only good to model for your students but important in the eyes of your principal and other administrators as well. Therefore dressing decently boosts confidence as well as builds up respect in the minds of the students.

Avoid Social Media connect with students

Teachers should not mix on social media with their students. We are all too familiar with the stories of teachers and other professionals doing something unprofessional and getting fired for it. Have the policy to connect with students on the channels that the school sets up for the teachers. Even the parents of the students are keeping a check and know that teachers are in a role model position with their children. Whenever there is a post up on the teacher’s account, it must be made sure that it is even visible to the parents. So this has to be done very carefully keeping in mind self-respect and maintaining a certain level of dignity.

Incorporate Examples of Great Leaders

When the teacher is discussing a period in history or introducing a new subject to students, new ways must be found to incorporate a hero story into the lesson. For instance, if you are going to talk about American Civil War or the French Revolution, the great leaders’ part of these revolutions can be stated. Apart from this, stories could be found out about other unlikely heroes, and those who shaped history. In addition to this, have the students discuss ways they can be heroes in their own lives. Even if it’s just stepping up in small ways to help others or do things they didn’t think possible.

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Apart from this, students should be asked to make a presentation on one of their role models and have the students think about what makes a good role model, and present their findings to the class. It can be a famous example or anyone who inspires your student to present. The creation of too many rules for the students to abide by should be avoided. Simply keep a check on where their minds go, and what qualities they associate with the term.

Be organized and punctual

The teachers must professionally present themselves as much as possible. This means more than looking at the part and acting the part, it means being the part. The best way teachers can show students how to execute their work is to show up on time and be ready to teach. Apart from this, if the teacher has a clear vision for how the lesson should go, then it will be more effective in delivering the right message.

The importance of teachers in showing students how to participate in conversations is essential to their growth. Giving them a feeling of ownership and participation in the class decisions and the idea-generating process will give them a sense of pride.

As some of the most influential role models for developing students, teachers are responsible for more than just academic enrichment. If you want to be a great educator, you must connect with your pupils and reach them on multiple levels, because the best teachers are committed to their students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom. By forging strong relationships, educators can affect virtually every aspect of their students lives, teaching them the important life lessons that will help them succeed beyond term papers and standardized tests. It is not always easy to change a student’s life, which is why it takes a great teacher to do so.

Sometimes the only positive role model a student has in his life is his teacher. Be the light in the darkness.

Contributed by:
Edmund Hinkel