The Frequently Used Verbs in Academic Texts and their Alternatives

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The Frequently Used Verbs in Academic Texts and their Alternatives
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The Frequently Used Verbs in Academic Texts and their Alternatives
Analyse Assume Collect Describe
think accumulate illustrate
examine guess gather explain
determine believe amass outline
evaluate take for granted assemble specify
figure out infer compile characterize
interpret presume define
investigate speculate Conclude express
resolve deduce
study Believe adjudge Determine
test think wrap up decide
estimate consider settle on
explore suppose Conduct establish
judge carry out agreed on
Apply trust hold
implement ascertain undertake Develop
administer organize build up
employ Carry Out oversee extend
exercise execute manage enlarge
handle accomplish direct expand
practice perform improve
utilize realize Consist
finalize contain Divide
Argue (iddia etmek) hold dwell allot
organize cover separate
assert enclose group
claim Choose encompass share out
present select allocate
suggest elect Consider split
explain decide take into account subdivide
appeal pick reflect on
name deem Do
Ask (sormak) appoint judge accomplish
adopt perform
demand Contribute carry out
inquire Classify devote execute
challenge categorize granted run
quiz arrange commit
request divide Encourage
label Deliver inspire
Ask (rica etmek) distribute convey motivate
call for allocate distribute boost
charge express persuade
demand share
request Expect
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Explain Give Include Know
elaborate offer involve comprehend
clarify provide contain perceive
explicate bestow encompass grasp
explore confer comprise notice
afford consist of experience
estimate Have Increase Make
calculate own comprise allow
assess encompass advance create
appraise enclose build up generate
test cover expand prepare
possess broaden form
Face enlarge compose
challenge Help boost
deal with expend Master
encounter assist raise comprehend
tackle aid step up perceive
look toward hand intensify grasp
confront facilitate deepen understand
cope with support cram
do a favour Indicate
Find signify Motivate
search Hope specify stimulate
discover designate encourage
come across suppose trigger
locate expect Influence provoke
seek for wish impact induce
look forward to affect
Finish impress Need
accomplish Identify entail
recognize Investigate requires
Focus classify observe necessitate
concentrate categorize look into demand
direct discover explore call for
adjust examine
centralize Illustrate interrogate Prepare
demonstrate probe arrange
Get exemplify organize
obtain expose Involve set up
gain highlight engage plan
score mark associate equip
catch point up implicate
acquire concern Prove
find Improve affect show
mark develop occupy establish
accept advance demonstrate
grab progress confirm
enhance verify
enlighten attest
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Provide See (anlamak) Use
supply grasp utilize
facilitate understand employ
support comprehend apply
administer catch manage
maintain practice
arrange Show run
demonstrate adopt
Recommend illustrate handle
suggest display
propose present Understand
urge exhibit comprehend
advise mark discern
advocate grasp
Solve interpret
Review overcome master
recall cope with catch
reassess resolve apprehend
evaluate figure out deduce
Say Suggest note
declare recommend infer
state propose appreciate
affirm urge
argue advise
assert advocate
report Support
respond sustain
suggest maintain
announce encourage
answer aid
choose Take
pick hold
decide on receive
pick out capture
elect grab
See (görmek)
notice Think
observe view
perceive consider
identify take into account
examine assume
recognize guess
survey judge
discover conceive