speaking techniques in English

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Three Main tricks : Read, Record and Receive
1. While you are at it
1. While you are at it can you get me some milk?
2. I’m just going to clean my boots.’ ‘Well, you can clean mine too while you’re at
3. If you're washing the car, you might as well vacuum it while you are at it.
A) I can’t be bothered to get the remote. Can you get it for me?
B) Anything for you.
A) You know what? While you’re at it, will you open the window too? It’s heating
B) Sure
To be fresh out of something
Something to be fresh out
 Fresh: now
1. Sorry, we're fresh out of milk.
2. We're fresh out of eggs.
3. I am fresh out of ideas on that one.
4. I am fresh out of time
5. I am fresh out of jokes
6. I am fresh out of marker
2. A) I’m going to the store.
B) Great we are fresh out of milk
A) Anything else?
B) We could use some sugar. And lettuce, too.
 out
1. The bread is out. I’ll go get some at the supermarket.
Clean out
1. Lettuce? Sorry. I'm clean out.
Having just completed a particular task or goal, often a level of education
1. I’m fresh out of swim practice, so I need to shower.
2. She's fresh out of/from university
Run out of something
1. I’ve run out of patience.
2. I’ve run out of milk/money/ideas.
3. We are run out of gas
3. Best if used by date
A) Is the olive oil still good? It smells rancid.
B) I checked the best if used by date before picking it up.
A) it’s a week before the best if used by date. Should we buy it?
B) Get a latest one then!
To have to do with
1. My illness has to do with my stomach.
2. The noise has to do with the engine
3. Zahra’s unhappiness has to do with the way you insulted her.
4. What does it have to do with anything?
5. What does terrorism have to do with economy?
To have nothing to do with
1. This had nothing to do with our family.
2. This has nothing to do with me
3. Your food poisoning has nothing to do with the leftover pizza from last night.
4. How much longer
1. How much longer before my turn comes up?
2. How much longer before the pain killer kicks in?
How far into the ………is it?
1. How far into the meeting is it?
2. How far into the movie is it?
3. How far into the session is it?
4. How far into the course is it?