Speaking Sentences in English

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Take it to step by step.
Learn at first, and learn how to pronounce them well
1. Guess what
1. Guess what? I'm pregnant.
2. Guess what? I've passed my driving test!
3. Guess what he got her for her birthday - an iron!
4. Guess what? We won the match 4-0.
5. We’re forming this new band, and guess what it's called –
Makan Band!
Long story short (to make a long story short)
1. To cut a long story short, he threw them out of the house.
2. Long story short, he's very mean.
3. Long story short, we didn't get home until 3 in the morning!
4. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we had this argument and I
haven't seen him since.
By the way (BTW)
Suddenly sth comes to your mind
1. By the way, how is John?
2. By the way, what time is it?
3. Oh, by the way, there is a telephone message for you.
4. Oh by the way, if you see Jackie, tell her I'll call her this evening.
2. 5. By the way, I'm your number-one fan.
6. That bar on Milton Street, which by the way is very nice, is
owned by Ahmadi s brother.
7. Oh, by the way, my name's Ali.
Other than that
1. He doesn't eat pork, but other than that he'll eat just about
2. We're going away in June but other than that I'll be here all
3. The music was a little loud, but other than that it was a great
4. We know he lived in Los Angeles, but other than that we don't
know much about him.
They don’t call …..for nothing
1. They don’t call it the best restaurant in the town for nothing.
2. They don’t call him genius for nothing.
3. People don't call me Mr. Ahmadi for nothing!
4. They don’t call Iran Khodro the best car factory in the world for
3. 5. They don’t call Ghorme Sabzi the king of Persian food for
Must have
1. I must have sent the wrong location.
2. Sara must have slept in.
3. My charger is nowhere to be found. I must have left it at Ali’s.
4. You must have missed what I said. That’s not what I mean.
5. It must have been the baby crying. Who else could it be?
6. it’s neither here nor there. It must have been a mix-up.
To be with
1. I’m with Apple.
2. My father is with Saypa.
3. You with Samsung?
4. You’re with Apple now, the pay must be good after all.
5. The current managing director has been with Philips since 2016.
6. I’ve been with Samsung for years and now I’m thinking of
switching to Apple.
7. We’ve been with LG since forever.
4. Next thing I know
Next thing you know
1. I was pulling out of the parking spot when the next thing know
a bike ran into me.
2. She was dancing on the floor, next thing she knew, her high
heel broke off and she fell over.
3. I was playing on my phone, next thing I know, it drops and
4. You gotta try hard enough, next thing you know, you will strike
it rich.
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