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A noun is a word that generally functions as the name of a specific object or set of objects.
2. Conte
What are nouns
Types of nouns
It’ question time!
3. What are nouns ?
A noun is a word that
names something ,
such as a person ,
place, thing or idea.
4. Types of nouns
Proper nouns
Common nouns
Collective nouns
Abstract nouns
Material nouns
Countable nouns
Concrete nouns
Uncountable nouns
5. Proper
Proper nouns describe specifically about a
person , place , animal or thing.
Person- Manas , Mansi
Place- Qutab Minar , Amer fort
Animal – Dog- Jimmy , Parrot-Jecko
Thing- Grapes , Books
6. Common nouns
A common noun is a noun that describes a
common thing that could be anything
Eg : Monument, color, school, flower
7. Collective nouns
A collective noun is a noun—such as team, committee,
orchestra, crowd, audience, and family—that refers to a
group of individuals. Collective nouns usually take
singular verb forms. Collective nouns can be replaced by
both singular and plural pronouns, depending on
their meaning.
An army of ants.
A flock of birds.
A flock of sheep.
A herd of deer.
A hive of bees.
A litter of puppies.
A murder of crows.
A pack of hounds.
8. Abstract Nouns
An abstract noun is a noun that
cannot be perceived using one of
the five senses (i.e., taste, touch,
sight, hearing, smelling). ...
Courage is an abstract
noun because it cannot be seen,
heard, tasted, touched, or smelled.
9. Material Nouns
The definition of
a material noun is a
grammar term that refers
to a material or substance
from which things are made
such as silver, gold, iron,
cotton, diamond and
plastic. An example of
a material noun is
"protein" in the sentence
"Protein is critical for
10. Countable Nouns
An Uncountable Noun has
no plural.
Uncountable Nouns are
sometimes called mass nouns.
Eg: egg, tree, sock, pen, chalk-
11. Uncountable nouns
Unlike countable
nouns, uncountable
nouns are substances,
concepts etc that we
cannot divide into
separate elements. We
cannot "count" them.
For examples-We cannot
count milk. We can count
12. Concrete nouns
A concrete noun is a noun that you can see,
hear, smell, touch, and taste. An
abstract noun is something that you cannot
see, hear, smell, touch, or taste.
13. It’s Question Time
Q1. What are nouns?
Q2. Tell any 3 examples of abstract
Q3. Tell the different types of nouns .
Q4. What is the difference between
Countable nouns & Uncountable nouns.
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