Special Relativity: Explanation of How Speed Affects Mass, Time and Space

This is an MCQ-based quiz on physics for GRE, which includes questions on Special Relativity.

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A relativistic particle of mass m has a total energy 37 times its rest energy.  What is the momentum of the particle, in units of mc?

52 144 37 98 21

The relativistic momentum of a particle with mass m is 3mc.  What is the total energy E of the particle, given in units of the rest mass energy Eo?






The difference in age for the twins in the Twin Paradox occurs during which key moment in the trip?

None of these

During the beginning of the journey traveling fast.

During the time returning to Earth traveling fast.

While approaching a black hole in space during the trip.

During the period of great acceleration during the changing of directions and return to Earth.

At one point in time, two twins are 30 years old.  At this time, one of them gets on a rocket and travels at 0.8 c, for what he experiences to be 12 years.  How old is the twin that remained on Earth when the traveling twin returns home?

70 years old

37 years old

50 years old

42 years old

A scientist measures the spectrum of relativistic jet emitted from a black hole. He finds that the a particular spectral line, which has a stationary wavelength of 212.5 nm, has a Doppler shifted wavelength of 643.7 nm. What is the radial velocity of the relativistic jet?

3.2*10^8 m/s towards the Earth

2.2*10^8 m/s away from the Earth

2.4*10^8 m/s towards the Earth

2.4*10^8 m/s away from the Earth

2.2*10^8 m/s towards the Earth

A particle of mass m traveling at a relativistic speed has a momentum of 50 mc.  What is the total energy E of the particle, expressed in units of the rest mass energy Eo?






The rest mass energy Eo of a particle with mass m is one quarter of its total energy E. What is the of the particle"s momentum, in units of mc?






A rocket of length 5 meters passes an observer on earth.  The observer measures the passing rocket to be 3 meters long.  What is the velocity of the rocket in the reference frame of the Earth-based observer?






A meter stick, at an angle of 30 degrees with the x-axis, is traveling at 0.6c in the direction of the positive y-axis.  To a stationary observer, how long does the meter stick appear to be?

1 m

sqrt(91)/10 m

(1/5)*sqrt(29/2) m

sqrt(31/42) m

4/5 m

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