General Science(UPSC): Chemistry

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Which of the following is the essential element for batteries used in electric cars?

Magnesium Lithium Sodium Bromine

Which among the following would cause the bright red color due to bursting of crackers?

Strontium Sodium Sulphur Magnesium

2,4-D, which is sold as a weed killer of the broad-leaved weeds is a synthetic version of __:

Auxin Hormone Cytokinin Hormone Xylitol None of them

“Oil of mirbane” is the most common name of which among the following?

Phenol Toluene Phenolphthalein Nitrobenzene

Calcium Magnesium Silicate is commonly called as ________?

Asbestos Borax Baking Soda Washing Soda

Charles Goodyear is known for which of the following ?

Experiments on Rubber Plants Vulcanization of Rubber Invention of Radial Tyres Invention of Artificial Rubber

What is the reason that despite being third most abundant element on the Earth’s surface and most abundant chemical substance in the universe, Hydrogen is not found as a gas in Earth’s atmosphere?

It is very reactive and unstable gas It is so light that readily escapes earth’s gravity It is not found in free state in nature None of the above reasons

Which of the following chemicals is also known as "butter of tin"?

Stannic chloride Sodium perborate Potassium nitrate Magnesium hydroxide

Which of the following is incorrect about the Inter atomic and Intermolecular Forces?

Both the forces are electrical in origin Both the forces are active over short distances General shape of force-distance graph is similar for both the forces None of the above

Which of the following elements expand on cooling?

  1. Silicon

  2. Germanium

  3. Sodium  

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