Writing Composition: Elements of a Story

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2. * A person, animal, or
imaginary creature
that plays a role in the
° Ways to describe
— Physical traits
— personality traits Ow
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— Acti

3. * The time and place
in which the story
takes place
* Describing:
- Environment
- time of day or year
- historical period
- Situation
- Place

4. * the structure of the action of a story
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5. * The beginning of
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6. Rising Action
* Aseries of events
building the tension
toward the climax


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The most
intense or
moment or
when the
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8. Falling Action
* The tension fades
and the
consequences are

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9. * How the story’s
central problem is
resolved, the

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10. Major idea of the
story or the
Like a backpack of
treasures you pick
up along the journey
and open at the end

11. * Clash between
opposing forces
- Human vs. Human
- Human vs. Nature
- Human vs. Self
¢ Without conflict,
there is no plot!

12. Point of View
The perspective from which the story is told
° First person (I, me, us, we)
° Second person (you)
* Third person (He, she, they) Narrator

13. The attitude or feeling the story gives
* Happy
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¢ Boring... aa

14. The person reading the

15. Author’s Purpose
The reason for writing the story
° To inform
* To persuade
° To entertain
16. Summarize the story of
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
¢ Think of:
— Plot
— Setting
— Characters
— Theme