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World Learning is working to improve global education to ensure schools and teachers have the tools they need to support students—including English language instruction through our TESOL teacher training. We encourage civic engagement in communities around the world, and we strengthen institutions to better serve their constituencies. Our youth workforce and entrepreneurship programs help people cultivate the skills they need for the modern economy. And consistent with our long history, we continue to offer a robust portfolio of people-to-people exchanges—including professional exchanges, academic exchanges, and youth programs—that enrich the lives of people from more than 150 countries.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available People-to-People Exchanges Building relationships across cultures is vital to creating a more peaceful and just world. When people from diverse cultures and backgrounds know and understand one another—and gain the skills they need to contribute as citizens and leaders—they form the global partnerships that undergird global security, economic stability, and tolerance.
event_available Global Education Global education is the linchpin of progress. Yet nearly 20 percent of the world’s school-aged children will not reach fourth grade. Another 20 percent will fail to learn basic skills like literacy and numeracy. High dropout and repetition rates, in combination with other obstacles—such as poverty, conflict, gender inequality, language, and disability—compound this problem. And while higher education is often viewed as the surest path out of poverty and to a better life, many universities lack the ability to train students in skills essential to the 21st century workforce.
event_available Institutional Strengthening Strengthening a society’s institutions strengthens society itself. World Learning believes institutions work best when they fulfill their missions strategically, connect with key allies, and expand to serve a broader constituency. When institutions are strong, they not only serve their communities but drive meaningful change at the local, national, and international level.
event_available Youth Workforce and Entrepreneurship Youth workforce development and entrepreneurship programs build a more promising future by training youth and adults in the skills essential to the 21st century workplace, encouraging them to respond constructively to community needs and opportunities, and ultimately helping them find or create decent work. World Learning realizes that vision through our proven expertise in six core programmatic areas: career center development through our signature WorkLinks approach, STEM education, industry and professional study tours, training in hard and soft skills, civic engagement and social enterprise, and English for the workplace. As people pursue that path into the workforce, we all prosper.
event_available Civic Engagement Civic engagement is most effective when it takes place within a system that encourages collaboration between government and a country’s people. In such a system: Individuals understand their rights and responsibilities. Civil society mobilizes people, advocates for progress, and works with stakeholders to implement solutions. Stakeholders form coalitions and communicate with their government to promote change. Government is responsive to constituents, while laws and policies promote freedom and access to information.
event_available TESOL | English Teacher Training World Learning helps open those doors through our TESOL teacher training. We believe that when teachers are better educated and better equipped, they are better positioned to motivate and empower their students in their language learning. Our comprehensive array of programming includes intensive and customized training courses, leadership building, professional development for teachers, and educational system strengthening.




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