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event_available Logic Let’s develop a critical thinking! At the time when there was no formal algebra, chemistry, geography, the logic was already taught in schools in ancient Greece. It is the basement of many science disciplines. In our logic classes, the kids learn to think, to analyze the information, to make conclusions based on facts. The earlier the child starts his or her logical thinking exercises, the easier it will be for them to adapt and succeed in school.
event_available Russian Language Mastering Grammar and Spelling
event_available Spanish Language Knowing Spanish is not a luxury, it is a means of movement. When we came to Panama to see the Panama Canal, we learned that English is not the only language people speak. Spanish lessons with a native speaker is the novelty at Vasilisa. Bienvenida!
event_available Modeling Modeling class is intended to be for the youngest kids. We accept children from 3 y.o. This activity is very useful for developing fine motor skills in kids’ fingers. Also children can create something unique, artistic and funny by using clay material. Some of them even build their own clay world with toys and animals.
event_available Acting classes Vasilisa School opens acting classes! The classes will be taught by Anna Oris who's a drama theater/movie actress, TV host, poetess, fashion/photo model. Anna received her education of from St. Petersburg State Academic Theater and Theater Academy of Theater Arts.
event_available Art classes Mastering Painting : Painting lessons teach children to see the beauty of the surrounding world; they develop their taste and discipline.
event_available Yoga
event_available Science Fun Science Classes What child can refuse to study in the school of magic? It is easy to become a magician. Just a little bit of diligence! In our school of magic, your child will find new friends, learn the secrets of science and develop useful learning habits. Fun alchemy, Periodic table of Mendeleev, colorful chemical reactions, where the chocolate came from, what the first telephone was like, how people make silk and many many more interesting topics are waiting for your child to be explored. The teacher holds a diploma with majors in Chemistry and Biology.
event_available Music Piano classes at Vasilisa Tutoring Center
event_available Jazz Funk Dance Vasilisa opens the new enrollment to jazz & funk dance lessons. This style comprises mix of several contemporary movements like hip-hop, jazz and waacking.
event_available Chess Learn Chess Wisdom Check and Mate! This is the strategy of leaders. We learn how to win, how to analyze chess positions. Chess in “Vasilisa” is not your regular chess. We have magical figures from Hogwarts School. The coach is Arshak Ramazyan.




Languages Known

English, Spanish, Russian
Jazz Funk Dance Biology Algebra Chess Acting classes Yoga Chemistry Spanish Language Spanish Logic Modeling Russian Language English Art classes Geography Science Music