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Bangalore, India
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Valuepoint Academy is a premier institution in English Language Teaching, Effective Communication Skills and Personality Development. It is located in the IT hub city of Bangalore, India. This prestigious academy was founded in 1996. The main aim of its promoters has been to impart comprehensive and practical training in effective communication in English Language.

About 40,000 students have successfully undergone training and many have been absorbed in esteemed companies. Of this more than 10000 students are from various parts of the world. The most striking feature of this institute is the animated and friendly atmosphere. Students from various countries such as Amsterdam, Bahrain, Congo, France, Germany, Korea, Peru, Iran, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sudan, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Thailand mingle with ease and joy. Along with learning English language, there is interchange of culture and customs. The students’ positive feedback is proof of the excellent coaching given.

Now Valuepoint Academy is offering online live classes face to face with teacher, you can take online class any time from anywhere.

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