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Beth Hillel Elementary is one of the best-kept secrets in the San Fernando Valley. We pride ourselves on providing a boutique experience, in which every child is on a clearly defined and differentiated personal path to success. Social-emotional learning is equally important to academic success. Our children and our teachers all know one another in a deep and meaningful way, which creates an atmosphere where children can feel safe, confident, and truly supported. We focus on character strengths such as optimism, empathy, self-control, motivation, and curiosity, as well as strong academic programming. In our classrooms, every child is intellectually challenged and has the opportunity to become a leader. I consistently get the same feedback from the middle schools our graduates attend: “You can always tell which children came from Beth Hillel; they are poised, self-confident, and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.” As students graduate and go on to the finest public and private schools in Los Angeles, they take with them a set of tools that allow them to live in the world with meaning, purpose, and confidence.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Physical Education Our physical education program develops children’s strength, coordination, and skills. Students participate in exercises to build strength and stamina and engage in physical activities and games to develop balance, agility, and coordination. Students also build skills for team sports, sportsmanship, collaboration, and teamwork. Students learn about the positive relationship between proper nutrition and strength and energy and are encouraged to develop positive habits and attitudes toward healthful living and hygiene.
event_available General Studies At each grade level, children at Beth Hillel Elementary have access to projects and materials that engage them in a way best suited for where they are both academically and developmentally. Reading and Writing Workshop, developed at Columbia University, is at the heart of our Language Arts Curriculum. Students are taught to read using a balanced approach that integrates all aspects of the reading process. The children read books that are “just right” while learning the thinking strategies they need to understand complex texts. Reading and writing are integrated daily; students learn to write with purpose as they select topics of interest to them. Students learn to communicate their ideas and understand that their writing conveys meaning while studying spelling and grammar. Best of all, this highly differentiated approach means that every child works at an individual level at all times, ensuring that students are ready to be effective communicators in middle school and beyond.
event_available Science & STEAM The goal of the Beth Hillel Science program is for students to think like scientists. We have an award-winning national STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) integration program, in which these content areas are woven together throughout the school day. In our MakerSpace, students explore the world around them and develop an in-depth knowledge of Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences. Working collaboratively, students learn to conduct hands-on experiments grounded in the scientific method. They formulate hypotheses, research, and draw conclusions based on evidence. Using the FOSS Science Program, out of the University of California at Berkeley, students engage in developmentally appropriate content and exciting investigations of scientific thought.
event_available Jewish Studies & Hebrew Beth Hillel Elementary’s Jewish Studies Program is designed to nurture a strong Jewish identity and to set each child on a path of personal discovery into Jewish history, culture, and tradition. Classes taught by our Jewish Studies and Rabbinic staff emphasize Jewish texts, holidays, tzedakah (charitable giving), Israel and Tefillah (prayer). Through art, music, dance, and holiday celebrations, the richness and beauty of Jewish tradition come alive. Our Hebrew teachers provide an exciting, low-stress environment for learning a second language. Through games, songs, poetry, and stories, children first learn to speak in Hebrew, and then to read and write. Students love reading contemporary Israeli children’s literature in Hebrew.
event_available Fine Arts & Music Beth Hillel Elementary School offers a range of arts-integrated opportunities to help students discover and nurture their unique talents. Students learn the elements and principles of art during the weekly art instructions. They explore themes in art through the disciplines of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and art-making. Students work is collected in individual portfolios and displayed during our Spring Art Show. In our music program, students discover a variety of musical styles through rhythm, movement, instrumental, and vocal music. Students are introduced to different rhythmic instruments to learn music theory and notation. Students are always excited to demonstrate their musical knowledge and creativity through school performances and events.




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