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STAR tutors are trained to use the STAR guiding philosophy in the Pisces online tutoring environment, and receive ongoing support to further develop their STAR tutoring practice.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Physics Introductory level (TUES & THURS Only)
event_available Nursing Math Inc. drug measures; med labels/syringe calibrations; dosage, IV, and pediatric calculations
event_available Writing Any course through Masters level (except foreign language)
event_available Biology Introductory level and Anatomy & Physiology (TUES & THURS Only)
event_available Economics Introductory level, Macro, and Micro
event_available Computer Science Introductory level
event_available Nursing Introductory level
event_available Accounting Any course below the 400 level
event_available Psychology Introductory level
event_available Organic Chemistry Spring and Fall semesters ONLY
event_available Math Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calc I, & Intro to Statistics
event_available Chemistry Introductory level & General Chemistry




Languages Known

FOREIGN LANGUAGE Algebra Chemistry Economics Computer Science Psychology Writing Nursing Statistics Anatomy Math Biology Physiology Physics Nursing Math Accounting Organic Chemistry