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Here is a bit about my Boss

Grant Shannon

B.Ed, M.Ed (App. Learning), M.Ed (Student Wellbeing)

Grant has been teaching young people for over ten years. He is passionate about creating an experience that students enjoy and can learn deeply through. Grant is a life long learner and has been researching and working towards merging his passion of education with his passion of dogs.

Grant has vast experience with a focus on behaviour in school settings. He also has extensive experience with using a dog as a teaching and learning tool to bring about an incredible range of benefits to students, parents, and teachers.

These benefits begin with the most simple scientific effects that dogs have on people such as lower heart rates in stressful situations, through to the development of lifelong skills that impact on academic outcomes, social and emotional skills, and improved learning journeys.

And here is some info on me!


Student and teacher

Sonny has been working in schools since he was 8 weeks old. He has been trained to behave appropriately in a range of school settings and situations. He has worked as a teaching and learning facilitator, as well as a student.

Sonny will be able to demonstrate a range of examples of how a dog can be used in schools to improve the experience for the learning community

Sonny is not a school pet, or a person dressed as a dog – he is a dog and is used as a teaching and learning facilitator.

Dogs Connect is an innovative learning program, introducing a dog to the classroom. This Australia-first learning program helps improve the culture in schools by focusing on student wellbeing and connectedness.