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Sherpa Prep specializes in GRE & GMAT preparation. Our classes are taught by 99th percentile instructors and are limited to 12 students. How We Work: Our GRE and GMAT prep courses begin with an extensive math review and gradually build to an understanding of the most advanced math and verbal concepts. Along the way, we sprinkle in the classic tricks to give our students the perfect blend of content and strategy. Our Philosophy: Each Sherpa Prep course is limited to 12 students, ensuring that our students are never just "faces in a crowd." We believe that our smaller classes offer students a personal touch that uncapped "lecture hall" classes cannot, a touch that is critical to proper preparation and great test scores. Our Instructors: Sherpa GRE and GMAT instructors are hired for their experience as instructors and their ability to explain concepts, not just their 99th percentile test scores. To teach for us, an instructor must have: 1. 99th percentile scores. 2. At least 2 years of teaching experience. 3. An MA, JD, PhD, or MBA, or be enrolled in such a program. Once hired, our instructors undergo 90 days of training and preparation before teaching their first Sherpa prep course.

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event_available GRE and GMAT Test Prep Most test prep companies promise "small classes", the "best instructors", or a "personalized experience". We prefer to offer you a side-by-side comparison to let you see for yourself. Measure our GRE course or GMAT course against those of other test prep providers, and you'll see that we offer a level of help and expertise that, frankly, is unmatched.




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