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Social Media Policy

Pueblo School District No. 60 uses social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo) to further the mission and vision of the District and regards social media as an extension of the District’s educational mission including the promotion of respectful and thoughtful civic discourse. The District uses social media to communicate information concerning the District and its schools, including school-sponsored events, programs, student and staff achievements and recognitions, and other school-related subject matters and topics. The District’s use of these sites is restricted to topics and content related to these legitimate educational purposes. The District welcomes comments, questions and concerns from community members about topics the Board of Education has addressed or is soon to address so long as such commentary or postings are consistent with the District’s educational mission and are suitable for a K-12 educational environment and audience. Users are responsible for the content of their messages.

The District’s social media sites are regularly monitored to ensure that when postings or commentary are enabled, users are limited to discussing matters furthering the purposes detailed above and that such postings or commentary is organized in a manner that enhances navigation. When there is an opportunity for non-school persons to post on the District’s social media sites, the District may restrict or delete comments or posts that are:

Not topically related to the District’s posts

Expressed in a manner that is not suitable for a K-12 audience or inconsistent with the District’s educational mission of promoting and modeling respectful civic discourse for all our students

Any comments expressed on District social media sites in response to District content, including but not limited to photos, graphics, links and content on other linked internet sites, do not reflect the opinions, positions or endorsements of the District, its directors, or staff.

Users who violate these guidelines may also be denied access to Pueblo School District No. 60 social media sites.

This is the Official FB page of Pueblo D60 and is intended to promote positive things happening within our district. Disrespectful comments will be removed.