Psych Online Tutors

South Africa

Psych Online Tutors was founded in 2009 and has since assisted many students both nationally and internationally in attaining excellent results for their psychology honours modules. Our aim is not only to assist students to excel academically, but also to develop as a prospective counsellor/psychologist.‚Äč The company offers an effective online forum that includes interactive tutorial classes. As the classes are recorded, they are readily available to students to view at their convenience. We follow a structured programme; the tutor also allows a space for questions or queries via a group chat that students are allocated to (as per the module that they sign up for). Tutorials include examining the course material, help with assignments, so that you can attain the best possible year mark going into the exam, as well as extensive examination preparation. Excellent notes that include summaries of theory, and exam questions with model answers are also available.

Psychology Modules and Tutoring