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We approach our task like that of growing flowers; with all the will and skill required for performing such a delicate task. The aim is to set the students free from the rigidities of highly ritualized, bland and indifferent teaching that they have so far experienced in universities; where there is a lot of teaching but very little learning. This is the gap that the P. S. Academy strives to remove by promoting REAL LEARNING, i.e. learning about learning as the first step: with the ultimate aim of making the personalities bloom like flowers and carry the aroma of freshness of their ideas and creativity wherever they go. It is precisely because of this sense of commitment that the P. S. Academy's name has become a living legend among the students in indore for success in Civil Services Exam.

Our effort is not only to provide the students with a road-map to effective learning but also to reassure them of our motivating company during their journey on the road to success. In nutshell, most of the students feel that the P. S. Academy experience is not only innovative but also unique.

The Academy was founded by Mr. Pradeep Srivastva in the year 1995.We impart Coaching primarily to write Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC, MPPSC.

PS Academy presents best coaching for MPPSC, UPSC, MPSI, IAS in Indore.We don't want to write a successful story, but we want to create a prosperous generation.

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