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Rockville, Maryland, United States
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At the core of competitive debate lies discourse and education. Through debate, students are encouraged to broaden their understanding of the world, including their comprehension of today's most prevalent issues. From discussions on electoral college to those on minimum wage, every student can learn something through debate. The activity empowers students to not only explore important controversies, but also to find their own voice through advocacy.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Debate Improved public speaking skills Stronger academic performance Better standardized test scores Higher college admission chances
event_available Public Speaking Our novice public speaking courses are designed for students who want to build confidence as public speakers and gain exposure to competitive speech events. In our public speaking course, we start by building fundamental skills such as tone, presentation, and gesticulation, before moving onto preparing for competitive speech events. During the semester, students will be exposed to impromptu speeches, interpretative speeches, and persuasive speeches. Students will be divided up into smaller groups based
event_available Congressional debate Congressional debate allows students to step into the shoes of lawmakers by writing and debating legislation designed to make our country a better place. Students work collaboratively to prepare arguments on a wide variety of legislation and give persuasive speeches to convince their colleagues to vote a certain way on that legislation.




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Potomac Debate Academy, a nationally recongized debate program, promotes critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, innovative thinking, and interpersonal communication. Debaters achieve higher GPAs, higher standardized test scores, and better college admissions outcomes.

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