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Dear Students,

We at Pinge’s believe that it’s all about you, you the ‘Students’. As the Director of this Esteemed Learning Institute, I know that every student is blessed with certain gifts. We, at PTC ensure that all our students realize their innate talent and gifts so that they perform to their highest capacity in the examination.

Many of our students have made their mark in their respective field. With our help you too can do that. Pinge’s Tuition Classes has developed a unique method to test, evaluate and develop the ability of students. Some of our salient features are:

1. Comprehensive Study material

2. Continuous assessment by way of periodical tests.

3. Personal Attention on every student by taking feedback through formal and informal channels.

4. Constant interaction with parents on their child’s development. Study Camp.

We are well aware of the anxiety that parents and students feel today. With this perspective we have prepared new lecture schedules, revised study material and exhaustive test series to enable the students to get prepared thoroughly. If you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, we look forward to coaching the most determined and most committed aspirants towards achieving their dreams. So my message to you is clear “Leave the rest and join the best” ! See you at the classes.