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Opening our doors in 2019, we entered into the market out of necessity for the students. Current day tutoring is exorbitantly expensive, tutoring companies hide their fees and the bookings process is complicated. At Palzo Tutors we are fixing all of this. Our goal is to bring high-quality tutors to as many students as possible at an affordable price. We are user-friendly, available day or night, and all of our tutors either have or are pursuing their Bachelor's degree, Master's Degree, or Doctorate from Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, and other IVY league universities.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Geography
event_available Physics
event_available U.S. History
event_available Foreign Languages French German Latin
event_available Computer Science
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Princeton, Oxford, and other IVY league tutors. Offering online tutoring for Elementary, Middle, High school, and University.

Mathematics Geography Physics U.S. History Foreign Languages French Computer Science