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• PALS Learning Center in Piscataway, NJ has been providing high quality learning experiences to families over 15 years.

• The study program is personalized based on the needs of each student and covers a range of subjects from kindergarten to 12th grade, including Math, English, Reading, Writing, Science, NJSLA Test Prep, and more.

• PALS offers comprehensive, structured curriculum in math and English with a step-by-step scaffold learning structure to build a solid foundation.

• The center also provides assistance to parents in order to help prepare for magnet schools and other placement tests.

• A passionate staff is available to meet with families and discuss how PALS can help their children reach their academic goals.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available PALS English PALSEnglish is a comprehensive curriculum based on Common Core Standards. It will build a solid foundation in reading and language skills. In addition, vocabulary building and writing are part of the core skills.
event_available PALS Math The essential skills are presented in small steps for easier understanding. Each successive week builds upon the skills from previous weeks, helping students learn new skills and at the same time retain what they have previously learned.
event_available Reading and Writing • PALS Reading and Writing Program is an enrichment program that helps students learn language skills and vocabulary. • It includes reading texts in various genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, speech, etc.), writing exercises based on the themes from the text and structured lessons in langauge and reading strategies. • Starting from Grade 2, it provides challenging two-three page passages with multiple choice questions for comprehension. • Open-ended questions helps to develop critical thinking; descriptive details help to stay on topic and include interesting details. • It also introduces to variety of sentence formats and lengths; encourages use of interesting words (action verbs/ descriptive adjectives) and reducing repetitive words.
event_available Pre Algebra Pre-Algebra is the first course in a two-part advanced math sequence. In this course, students will review basic algebra skills and learn new concepts including integers, order of operations, Variables, Algebraic Expressions, Linear Equations, Ratios, Proportion, Square Roots, equations and geometry. This course is aligned with the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS) and provides students with the foundation they need to succeed in future math courses.
event_available NJSLA TEST PREP The NJSLA TEST PREP helps students prepare for the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The NJSLA is a mandatory statewide assessment that is given to students in 3rd grade to 11th grade. The NJSLA TEST PREP provides practice questions and tutorials for each of the two subjects, as well as tips for test-taking strategies. It also includes a practice test for each subject.
event_available Algebra 1 Algebra 1 introduces how to use number & variable operations to solve problems. Algebra 1 covers expressions, polynomials, exponents, radicals, linear equations, linear inequalities, system of equations, functions, sequences, quadratic equations and functions, descriptive statistics and more. Aligned with NJ Common Core curriculum (CCCS).
event_available Geometry Geometry is a high school level course that teaches students about two and three-dimensional figures. Students will use algebra, geometry, measurement, and coordinate geometry to explore the properties of these shapes. Aligned with the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards, this course is perfect for students who want to continue their math education after Algebra 1.
event_available Algebra 2 Algebra II is typically learned in High School. It is offered in a variety of different names like Honors Algebra 2, Accelerated Algebra 2, Algebra 2 etc. It is an extension of Algebra 1; it continues to advance on the topics learned in Algebra 1 and introduces new topics. Students explore the structures of and interpret functions and other mathematical models. Students build upon previous knowledge of equations and inequalities to reason, solve, and represent equations and inequalities numerically and graphically. Students will work with both scientific and graphing calculators throughout this Algebra 2 course.
event_available Pre Calculus Pre-calculus is a course that bridges the gap between Algebra 2 and Calculus. It covers advanced mathematical concepts, functions and theories that may not have been covered earlier in Algebra 1, Geometry or Algebra 2. The course focuses on the study of trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. Students are introduced to sequences, limits and other concepts essential for the Calculus AB and BC courses. If you are looking for a foundation in mathematics, pre-calculus is a great option.




PALS learning center is proud to be a part of Edison / Piscataway for 12+ years. Personalized tutoring to students excel in school and for best placements.

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