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Oxford Learning offers quality after school programs for students of all ages and grades, from early reading for children as young as three, to College and University readiness courses

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Math Tutoring Whether your child finds math too challenging, or whether your child is not being challenged enough, Oxford Learning’s personalized math programs put an end to math frustration.
event_available SAT/ACT Preparation Nearly every student feels stressed and anxious when thinking about the SAT and ACT entrance exams — after all, the results of these tests can determine a student’s future. Combine that with the hours of preparation and studying and it becomes clear that students need a solid plan of action. Oxford Learning®’s customized SAT and ACT prep courses create a clear study program for students that reduces stress and helps them achieve the highest score possible.
event_available SSAT Preparation Achieving success on the SSAT requires the right preparation. Oxford Learning tutors help your child build the study skills and test-taking strategies he or she needs for test-day confidence.
event_available ESL Tutoring Using the phonetic method, the ESL tutors at Oxford Learning® teach English to individuals of all ages and fluency. With our specialized program, students increase their reading and writing skills by learning English strategies and gaining self-confidence.
event_available Learning Difficulties Everyone learns differently. That’s why teaching should be geared towards a variety of abilities and learning styles. Oxford Learning® tutors take the time to boost students’ confidence levels as well as their understanding of subject material.
event_available Reading Tutoring Reading is an essential part of language comprehension and is needed both in and out of school. It’s better to learn to read at an early age so your child doesn't fall behind as they get older. If your child is struggling with reading, find a reading tutor today.
event_available Science Tutoring Science is an intensive, information-filled subject that employs logic and mathematic formulas. While some students may breeze through science class with relative ease, other students may need extra science help & tutoring support. Oxford Learning’s science tutoring programs offers a customized approach to learning science.
event_available Writing Tutoring Your child’s writing skills are more publicly visible than ever before. This makes it important for your child to be able to communicate properly while being able to express what is on his or her mind. Writing can be a strong mental exercise for your child and it is shown to be good for his or her brain. If your child is struggling with writing, find a writing tutor today.
event_available Homework Help Tutoring Don’t let homework be the worst part of learning — get homework success strategies with Oxford Learning®’s personalized Homework Tutoring programs and turn homework stress into homework success!

Languages Known

English, French

Oxford Learning’s tutoring services show your child how to learn effectively by providing learning skills for inside and outside the classroom. Learn more!

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