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Oxbridge is a blended learning platform that empowers anyone, anywhere at any time to be the best they can be.

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event_available Diet & Nutrition Increasing awareness of how diet and nutrition affect people's health has caused the nutrition industry to boom. If you’re interested in food, health and fitness, there’s never been a better time to take a diet and nutrition course and pave the way towards an exciting and highly relevant career.
event_available Event Management Events and weddings usually require multiple teams to come together, including several external suppliers. That’s where event managers come in. If you’re detail-oriented, love organisation, aren’t scared of multitasking and get a thrill every time you see an event go off without a hitch, then you’ve found your calling – you’re destined to be an events manager.
event_available Animal Care As a nation of animal lovers, we want the absolute best for our furry, fuzzy, scaley and hoofed friends. That’s why there are so many animal care roles around the country, with demand for everything from dog groomers to equine managers. If you have a passion for animals, here at Oxbridge, we can help you turn that into the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for your dream role.
event_available Criminology Have you always enjoyed crime dramas? Maybe you love solving puzzles and clues? If you’re an analytical thinker in search of a varied and exciting career, our distance learning criminology courses could be just what you’re looking for.
event_available Design & Photography Can you really turn your passion into a profitable business? Can you make a job out of a hobby that’s grown into an obsession? Whether you can’t leave home without a camera, love getting your hands dirty in the garden or have a flair for putting rooms together, our distance learning photography and design courses can set you on the path to a career you love.
event_available Functional Skills Whatever your background or previous education experience, it’s never too late to gain the qualifications you’re entitled to, and functional skills courses (previously key skills courses) are a great place to start. A Functional Skills level 2 course is the nationally recognised equivalent of a GCSE, so whether you’re aiming for higher education or want to land your dream job, these online courses can help you take your next step.
event_available Language The English language is dynamic, evolving and all around us in magazines, newspapers and books. Language is both a barrier and an open door to friendship, business connections, and so much more. Whatever the reason behind your interest in learning a new language, a good grasp of both written and spoken forms will enhance the opportunities available to you.
event_available Mortgage & Finance Becoming a certified mortgage adviser promises a rewarding and varied career. You’ll help people from all walks of life with their mortgages and finances, offering expert help and advice while enjoying flexible working hours and uncapped earning potential. We've got the right mortgage advisor qualifications for you.
event_available Psychology The impact of diving into and understanding psychology is far-reaching. Developing a happier, more productive working atmosphere, improving the physical capabilities of athletes, altering human behaviours for the better and even solving crimes are just some of the ways psychology impacts society.
event_available Writing & Journalism Good writing is all about choosing the right words to connect with your audience. Whether it's a novel, short story or an article, the crucial thing about a story is that other people want to read it because it's interesting, emotive and entertaining. Whether you're a beginner or you've been honing your skills for years, if you've got a way with words, other people should be able to hear what you have to say.
event_available Accounting & Bookkeeping Accounting involves the management of money for businesses. A career in finance can be a lucrative and flexible option for people who are detail-oriented, analytical and great with numbers.
event_available Beauty Therapy If you consider yourself a people person and love the idea of enhancing someone's beauty, then a career in beauty therapy could be perfect for you! At Oxbridge, we have an amazing array of different beauty therapy courses, helping you build your skills and hone your talent. Whether you want a grounding in the basics of beauty or you’re looking to venture into something exotic and exciting, we can help!
event_available Business & Management Are you career-focused and goal-orientated? Do you find that opportunities do not currently match your ambitions? Are openings are hard to come by? Then studying for additional business and management qualifications could help align your aspirations and propel your career forward.




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