Let kids’ curiosity run wild with classes and groups on any topic you can imagine.
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When Outschool was founded in 2015, homeschoolers were the first to discover our classes, but it wasn’t long before kids in conventional schools began supplementing their education with fun and unique, interest-based classes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Outschool became vital to families who wanted to keep kids learning, social, and pursuing their passions.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Learner Favorites Dungeons And Dragons| Fortnite| Pokemon| Minecraft| Cats| Dogs| Unicorns| Adventure| Travel| Dog Training| French Conversation| Geology| Science Experiments| Ukulele| Weather| All Learner Favorites
event_available English Creative Writing| Grammar| Spelling| Book Club| Essay Writing| Poetry| Literature| All English classes
event_available Life Skills Cooking| Financial Skills| Study Skills| Social Skills| Critical Thinking| All Life Skills classes
event_available Health & Wellness Hygiene| Emotions| Exercise| Mindfulness| Nutrition| All Health & Wellness classes
event_available Math Algebra| Numbers| Geometry| Fractions| Calculus| Statistics| Probability| All Math classes
event_available Music Guitar| Piano| Singing| Composers| Music Theory| All Music classes
event_available Science & Nature Chemistry| Biology| Zoology| Physics| Astronomy| Anatomy| Marine Biology| Psychology| All Science & Nature classes
event_available Social Studies Geography| World History| American History| Anthropology| Economics| Politics| All Social Studies classes
event_available World Languages Spanish| Sign Language| French| Japanese| Latin| German| Chinese| Greek| Italian| Mandarin| All World Languages classes
event_available Arts Drawing| Photography| Dance| Theater| Film| Sewing| Camp| All Arts classes
event_available Coding & Tech Coding| Video Game Design| Robotics| Engineering| Internet Safety| Animation| All Coding & Tech classes




Languages Known

Science Health & Wellness Music Geometry World History World Languages Mandarin Arts Math Mathematics Biology Astronomy Chemistry Coding & Tech English Learner Favorites Algebra Anatomy Spanish Creative Writing Zoology Anthropology Life Skills Physics French Statistics Calculus Social Studies Geography Science & Nature Psychology American History Economics