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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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One On One Tutoring Service was established by a classroom teacher who recognized the dire need for additional instruction outside the normal school setting. He believed that all students could learn if only provided enough attention.

In 2003, he established One On One Tutoring Service as a for-profit company. Today, One On One Tutoring Service is quickly growing as a top supplemental education provider in the Philadelphia area.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Summer School Program As we all are aware, many districts are getting rid of the old notion of summer school. Today, we are seeing more and more schools teaming with other organizations to create programs parents and kids want. Because of this, One On One Tutoring Service, Inc. now offers an alternative to summer school for students who are in need of individualized instruction to target weak skills in all subjects. With One On One Tutoring Service’s Summer School Program, students will not only receive school credits upon completion of their summer program, but students will also have the opportunity to strengthen their weak skills at the same time.
event_available Test Prep Programs - GED Test Prep - SAT/ACT Test Prep.
event_available Educational Testing Our math tests are comprehensive, diagnostic assessments of mathematics and Algebra that are aligned with NCTM’s (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) content strands. Both tests thoroughly assess students’ complete mathematical understanding to provide a comprehensive picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Both use revolutionary adaptive logic to maximize the amount of information obtained on each student while minimizing test-taking time and anxiety.
event_available Home-School Program One On One Tutoring Service provides the highest quality online homeschool curriculum. We also provide live, online and in-person tutoring services to homeschool students as an additional service. Using the GSuite platform coupled with our award-winning web-based curriculum, our instructors can deliver math, English, science, and social studies tutoring in the comfort of your own home or at our brick-and-mortar location.
event_available In-Center Tutoring The PA Department of Education licenses One On One Tutoring Service. Centers are headed by a certified teacher who oversees a team of tutors who are either college students with a minimum of 60-course credits in the field of education, certified teachers, or professionals who specialize in a specific subject.
event_available Online Tutoring and Instruction One On One Tutoring Service provides the highest quality online tutoring. Our comprehensive online curriculum with courses in math, English, science, and social studies combines direct-instruction videos featuring professional, on-screen teachers with rigorous assignments and assessments to engage students and ensure subject-area mastery.




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