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Jaipur, India
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I am Annant Sharma~ * A Reiki Grand -Master, *Past Life Regression Therapist, *Regression therapist for children, *Phobias Treatment Therapist, *Life between lives Regression, *angel therapy, *lama fera, *medicine buddha therapy, *crystal healing * Aura Reader & Aura Healer. *Reiki Grand Master- *we teaches-Reiki in daily classes, gives practicle education for healing.. *All Levels of Reiki, *Mastership, *Grand mastership, * Karuna reiki Dousing , *I am A REIKI Healer-does~ -Distant healing * Heals Endocrine disorders * Clean, Heal , activate and Balances Chakras.*contact me ~09782445566 and 09214066199 *[email protected]

Learn Reiki, Lama fera, Angels Therapy, Magnified Healing, Medicine Buddha, Dowsing, Yogmaya, Crystal Healing, Karuna Reiki, Meditation, Ascension Reiki,