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North Shore Coaching College is Australasia’s leading institution specialising in coaching and tuition with over 65 campuses across Australia and Hong Kong. Established since 1991, we have been delivering high quality, affordable educational services with no hidden costs for students from junior to high school. Our teaching methodology is optimised, with approximately two-thirds of the time spent teaching and the remaining for class practice and individual attention. This learning process encourages creativity, open discussion and lateral thinking. At North Shore, we also assist students to develop effective time management, self-motivation and self-direction in studies which increases discipline, confidence and communication skills. Our goal is to prepare your child to be ‘results-oriented’ with an exam-focused mind to succeed. Indeed, we have many proven success stories delivering “Tuition That Works”. Thousands of North Shore students achieve in winning school scholarships, gaining entry to selective high schools, and moving on to distinguishing themselves at Australia’s most respected universities.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Pre-Kindergarten Ages 3 – 5 years old Focus on Basic English, Reading, Phonics, Maths
event_available Primary School Year 1 – Year 6 Focus on Written Expression, Reading, Logical Thinking and Mathematical Reasoning
event_available High School Year 7 – Year 12 Focus on academic success in high school subjects
event_available Exam Prep NSW – Opportunity Class Exam Prep NSW – Selective School/Scholarship Exam Prep NSW – HSC Exam Prep UCAT Exam Prep




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North Shore Coaching College is Australia's largest and leading tuition college. We prepare students for academic excellence and success in Opportunity Class (OC), Selective School Placement Test, HSC, VCE, ATAR, Gifted & Talented Programs, UCAT and more! Learn more here!

High School Exam Prep Pre-Kindergarten Mathematics English Primary School