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Explore the World with Google Maps: Fun and Interactive Map Reading and Language Classes for Curious Young Minds!

Hello there! I’m Naomi, an enthusiastic educator dedicated to guiding young minds in the exciting world of cartography and cultural literacy. I specialize in teaching kids how to proficiently read and navigate maps using Google Maps Software. My classes are more than just learning about locations; they are a journey into tech literacy, geographic awareness, and an exploration of language dialects.

My passion for geography and languages stems from my own experiences living and traveling abroad. I believe that understanding our world begins with a map in hand and curiosity in heart. By merging technology with traditional learning, I aim to equip my students with the skills to confidently explore both the digital and physical world.

When I'm not teaching, you'll find me indulging in my love for travel and languages, or perhaps going on an outdoor quest to the beach or hiking with friends. I'm here to make learning an adventure and to inspire a generation of tech-savvy, globally aware young explorers.

Join me on this educational adventure, where each lesson is a step towards becoming a young cartographer and global citizen!

The Skills that Students Will Gain In MILP Sessions:

1. Geographic Literacy: Knowledge about different places, landscapes, and spatial relationships. Understanding how to read, interpret, and create maps is crucial.

2. Technical Proficiency with Google Maps Software: Ability to navigate and utilize Google Maps for educational purposes, including understanding its features and applications in real-world scenarios.

3. Cultural Awareness and Language Dialects Exploration: Skills in exploring and understanding various cultural contexts and language dialects, fostering global awareness and cultural sensitivity.

4. Technology Integration in Education: Competence in merging technology with traditional learning methods, enhancing the educational experience through digital tools.

5. Teaching and Pedagogical Skills: Strong ability to engage, motivate, and instruct children in a way that is both educational and entertaining.

6. Curiosity and Exploration Encouragement: Promoting a sense of curiosity and exploration among students, encouraging them to learn about the world beyond their immediate environment.

7. Global Citizenship Education: Teaching students about being responsible global citizens, understanding global issues, and how they relate to local environments.

8. Personal Experience Sharing: Utilizing your personal experiences of living and traveling abroad to enrich the learning experience and provide real-world context.

9. Outdoor and Experiential Learning Facilitation: Skills in organizing and conducting outdoor learning experiences that complement classroom-based instruction.

My International Language Pal LLC is a blend of technical, cultural, and geographical education, aimed at creating a comprehensive learning experience that prepares students to be knowledgeable, culturally aware, and technologically adept individuals.