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We are one of the leading global supplemental education service providers aiming for our children to be critical
thinkers with self-directed learning. With our global networks of 20 countries,

we provide Math and English program based on self-directed learning instructions.

At Eye Level, we provide systematic individualized learning. Before joining Eye Level,

a child is given a diagnostic test that sets the starting point of the program and the study roadmap.

Upon enrollment, your child will receive close attention and guidance in achieving mastery of each

level with our small-step curriculum and 1:1 coaching. As a program that is optimized for self-directed learning,

Eye Level will allow your child to take initiatives of his/her study.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available EYE LEVEL MATH Eye Level Math will take your child through a study area covering the basics of numbers all the way through critical thinking math such as algebra and statistics.
event_available EYE LEVEL ENGLISH Eye Level English is a comprehensive literacy program that helps learners develop effective communication skills and strong content knowledge by enhancing their literacy skills.




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