Prabhas Panda

Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint Trainer having 17 years of experience in corporate training Live online or Classroom.

A Freelancer having 17 Years of experience as MS-Office trainer and 4 years of count as an automation consultant. I have imparted training to different verticals of the industries. I strive for quality in everything I do. With wide exposure to the corporate culture, my training suits the various levels of competency amongst the trainees. My coaching style and delivery method is quite unique and always welcomed by the professionals and results in choosing me second to none.

About My team:

Our team always do research and development in and around Microsoft office products and keep on updating the customised training module meeting the organisation needs and according to the budget. Our speciality lies with our self-designed crispy training hand-outs, tips, tricks, hidden functions and features and tools. Our well-developed training module and Functions and advanced Tools that help the trainees to explore and exploit full capabilities of MS-Excel and also helps them to work much faster and in a smarter way that adds value to the organisation in terms of reducing the process turn-around-time (TAT) and enhancement of accuracy and quality.

We not only empower people with our knowledge but also guide them to meet the organisation standards and also the troubleshoots instantly.

✔What We do:
✅On Site or Classroom Training
☑Live Online Training

✔Whom We Train:
👨🏻‍🏫Corporate Professionals
👨🏻‍🏫B-School Students
👨🏻‍🏫Management Professionals

✔ Topics We Train :
💡Advanced Excel
💡MS Power BI
💡Excel VBA & Macro
💡MS Access / with VBA
💡MS Project
💡MS Word
💡MS Outlook
💡Finance Modelling with Excel
💡 Statistical Analysis with Analysis Tool pack
💡Google Sheets
💡Data Analysis and Visualisation
💡Finance for Non-Finance

✔Uniqueness in my Training:
📌Facilitate quality learning.
📌Simple Solution to Your High-Tech problems.
📌Industry specific contents with real time and practical examples.
📌Soft copy of the précised handy reference guide.
📌Post training support for 90 days. (E-Mail)

Reach us:+91-7875726961, +91-9962166117

[email protected]

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Courses/Programs offered

event_available Microsoft Professional PowerPoint PowerPoint Advanced is for the people who can already create simple presentations, and want to add more sophistication. This one-day course shows you how to create a better, effective and meaningful presentation in PowerPoint. What you will Learn: We understand that presentations are not just about the slides. The training program covers the entire process of presentation creation: Setting Clear Objectives Generating insights with mind mining Creating an outline (or story) Designing Visual Slides Creative ways to simplify complex ideas Creating an engaging opening Factors for Confident Delivery including presenter and audience body language Key features: Difference between MS- PPT 2010 and other versions Effective Presentation (professional and Meaningful) Comprehensive list of shortcut keys Inserting Sounds and movies. Hidden features of PowerPoint Backstage View Working with your own Tab and Menus The 8 Hours of training program will completely change the view and skill of the user on PowerPoint and Empower with Lots of effective and advanced skills and end up with exporting the presentation with various file formats and outputs meeting the organisation needs. We also provide corporate it training on advanced excel, excel vba, macro, powerpoint training, Finance Modeling, hr automation, it solutions in chennai, new delhi, mumbai, kolkata, Nashik, Indore, Bilaspur, Hyderabad, Mangalore, pune, bengaluru, cochin, Bhubaneswar and vizag. Contact Us: +91-7875726961 Mail: [email protected] Web:
event_available Microsoft Power BI Power BI is a radically new tool in the hands of business enterprises who are overwhelmed with the amount of data at hand and until now did not have a cost-effective tool to extract insights from it. Enter Power BI which is a set of tools and applications that let you extract data from multiple unrelated sources and convert it into neatly managed and coherent set of information, visually appealing insights, interactive data, charts, graphs and reports. Who can Join: Individuals looking for jobs as Business Analysts, Business Development Manager, etc Statisticians aiming to implement their statistics skill to derive business insights Marketing, Finance, Sales, and other domain individuals who need extensive business intelligence. Takeaway: Get an in-depth understanding of Power BI and how it works in different scenarios Learn about the three vital components - the Desktop, service, and Mobile apps Visualize and analyze data, derive insights from Excel spreadsheet or local database Create compelling reports, visualizations, derive real-time insights and deploy it on demand Create, share, collaborate and benefit from business information with purpose-built dashboards Know how to get work done without being a Business Intelligence professional Use Salesforce Data, Azure SQL Database & SQL server analysis tabular data Deploy content packs to work with Quick Books online and Adobe analytics Complete live Projects on Power BI to get hands-on experience. for more details: +91-7020050265,+91-9049824030 [email protected]
event_available Microsoft Project MS Project training expands the learning time and increases efficiency by understanding the basic concepts of project management. The hands-on exposure to the software enables the participants to plan and manage the various projects ranging from small to medium size. Allocating resources, preparing costing, defining scheduling and other details required to keep the project on track are covered under this MS project management training. Participants are equipped with the skills to turn project variables into timely delivery throughout the project lifespan. On the completion of the training, the individuals will hold the following capabilities: Understand project management concepts Identity, differentiate and establish relationship between different types of tasks Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Allocate resources and create resource leveled schedule Set a baseline to track the project Perform a variance analysis on a project Create formulas and templates Perform different ways to arrange data including sorting, filtering, grouping, and reporting Establish sharing and synching of resources among multiple projects Target Audience Business/Project Analysts Program/Project Manager Planner/Scheduler Functional Implementer Professionals upgrading from earlier versions to the 2013 version Prerequisites While there is no formal pre prerequisite for this training, however candidates with a strong interest in project management are the ideal participants for this course. For more details: +91-7020050265,+91-9049824030 [email protected]
event_available Finance for Non-Finance Finance for non finance professionals: Overview: Through this highly successful program, managers with little or no financial training or experience can learn to use the language, tools, and techniques of accounting and finance. Complex principles are presented in practical, understandable terms in a friendly, supportive environment. You will return to your organization with the confidence to analyze financial information and participate fully in making business decisions.Pax will learn to apply accounting concepts to your strategic and operational decisions. Improve your ability to have a strong impact on your bottom line. Key Benefits and Takeaways: An understanding of basic financial accounting terms and concepts A greater understanding of accounting and finance systems and the objectives of financial statements Knowledge of frameworks for applying financial analysis to management decision making An understanding of basic financial models, key financial ratios and indicators Basic planning and budgeting skills Use Financial Functions, internal rate of return, Economic Value Added, payback and break-even analysis to make better investment decisions Evaluating Ratio Analysis from the Balance sheet values. Usage of the Data Anaytical tools of Excel and bring the accuracy. The confidence and skills to contribute to financial management within their organisation An awareness of the role of finance within the larger organisational structure and its contribution to overall business strategy A thorough working knowledge of critical financial principles Who Should Attend: This program is designed for managers at all levels, including those in technical and non-financial areas seeking to make better business decisions by understanding financial information and its implications. This diversity is one of the program’s strengths: it addresses the needs and builds on the experiences of participants from all types of companies, not-for-profit organizations and government services. For More details: reach us: +91-7020050265 Email : [email protected] Visit us:
event_available Microsoft Access Microsoft Access is relational database software that allows small teams and individuals to easily organize and report on business data. Whether you’re new to Access or an advanced user, Microsoft Access training from Excel4all can accelerate your database management skills. Learn the basics, such as how to create a database, navigate the Access application environment or organize data stored within Access tables. Or, graduate to more advanced skills like form customization, querying and sharing data across applications. Regardless of your skill level and IT acumen, Microsoft Access courses at Excel4all will teach you how to: Create, design and encrypt Access databases Build and work with Access tables, relationships, keys and constraints Query data Manage and design interfaces with Access Forms Produce basic to advanced reports Automate tasks, procedures and functions with Macros and VBA Customize Access configuration options
event_available Microsoft Excel VBA and Macro Learn Excel VBA / Macros in 2-5 days and build your own functions and tools which is not there in excel. Equip yourself in automating repeatitive task or process and inturn save TAT . What you can do With Excel VBA: Create a File Explorer using excel Consolidated 1000 Text files in 30 seconds Collate Data from Mutiple sheets/workbooks in seconds Create a Task Manager using Excel Create an MP3 player using Excel Create a File Management tool in Excel Create a Screen Capture Tool in Excel Create a Data Search Engine using Excel Make Excel Speak like a Human MIS Automation Dashboard Report automation Create a foolproof Training/Survey/Feedback Form Join us to Make an Extra Ordinary Difference at your Workplace and be a Winner. We provide corporate it training on advanced excel, advanced powerpoint, excel vba and macros, finance modeling in New Delhi / NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata ,Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam & Cochin. Contact: +91-7875726961 Mail: [email protected] Web:
event_available Advanced Microsoft Excel Looking for the Advanced Excel training? Then you are at the right stop. we are the freelancers provide training in advanced excel to corporate and individuals as well. Have a look over the course contents what we offer: • Advanced Ribbon Feature of Excel • Capabilities of Pivot Table and Pivot Chart • Charts and Graphs Including Smart Art Features • Creation of Custom and Dynamic List • Condition based formatting , Finding and removing duplicate values • Prevention of data Errors and User defined Restrictions • Multi-criteria V-Look up and H-lookup and other important Functions • Functions( Financial, Text, logical, if and nested ifs, etc.) • Create bar chart and organization chart using excel function and Text Box • Sorting , Filter and Advanced Filter (Creation a search engine in excel) • Grouping , Outlining along with Subtotals. • Creation of Hyperlink(Sheet , work book, email) • Protection techniques • To work with Multiple workbooks in a single Window. • Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts • Hidden Features and Functions in Excel • Print techniques and management • Importing and exporting data from and to various file formats. • Workbook sharing and merging various to a single work book. • Track changes • Working with back stage view and Creation of Own Ribbon Tab • How to create macro and usage of them. (In Brief) Course features Comprehensive Course Coverage by Expert trainers Flexible Schedule Post Training Support for 90 days Excellent Course material (Soft Copy) We provide corporate it training on advanced excel, advanced powerpoint, excel vba and macros, finance modeling in New Delhi / NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata ,Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam & Cochin. Contact Us:+91-7875726961 Mail: [email protected] Web:

Languages Known

English, Hindi, Odiya, Tamil, Marathi
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