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India's rapid economic growth is attracting lots of foreign companies and their presence is on the rise. This trend is creating a plethora of opportunities on various fields and these companies are looking for the right candidate for the right job.

A multilingual résumé opens a door of opportunities not only in India, but also abroad.

Here, enters the Medusa Academy of Foreign Languages to help you acquire the much required linguistic skills in today's highly competitive world.

We train people from all walks of life:

Professionals, school and college students, businessmen, managers and housewives.

Medusa Academy of Foreign Languages

One language sets you in a corridor for life!Two languages open every door along the way!Welcome! We help you learn a language faster!Medusa Academy of Foreign LanguagesLearn German, French, Spanish and Italian Choose Your LanguageGerman is the most spoken native language of Europe. Learning German can give you more opportunities to study in renowned German universities. Excellent business opportunities as well. Learn More French is the most widely spoken language across the world after English. Learn … Home Page Read More »