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The MPS program aims to improve students’ performance in reading, writing, and math, reduce dropout rates, achieve high student attendance rates, and increase the number of students who pursue careers in STEM areas. All students at MPS will benefit from MPS’ program. MPS is an indispensable addition to the community because its education program aims to :

• Increase students’ interest in pursuing careers in STEM areas by offering an innovative and engaging instructional design.

• Provide a challenging, common core state standards-based curriculum designed to improve students’ skills in STEM areas.

• Provide quality core instruction, including humanities and social sciences, that improves students’ reading & writing skills & attitudes thereby increasing their chances of success in higher education and beyond.

• Sharpen students’ critical thinking skills by providing hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

• Provide intensive enrichment programs for both high and low achieving students.

• Improve students’ academic skills, especially of those who are performing below grade level, by providing a comprehensive tutoring program.

• Improve students’ organizational and study skills by offering a life-skills course.

• Empower students to become self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners.

• Create a supportive and caring environment with small class sizes, and strong student-parent-teacher communication.

• Reduce dropout rates by providing academic and social support in a small school environment.

• Teach students to think objectively and critically, respect truth, and be socially responsible.

Each MPS charter petition delineates specific charter school’s annual goals, including goals to be achieved in the state priorities, core academic skill goals, and goals for lifelong learning and interpersonal skills. The charter petitions also describe specific actions to achieve those goals, measurable pupil outcomes, and methods for measuring pupil outcomes. Measurable outcomes and assessment tools in each of the academic areas of the curriculum are important to tracking performance progress and provide key data about the efficacy of MPS’ academic program. This data is used to drive decisions about overall program development, as well as informing ongoing curriculum modifications and allocation of resources. The principals, staff, and teachers of MPS are held accountable by the MPS Board of Directors for meeting student outcome goals.

To better serve the students and the community, MPS continues to examine and update its list of measurable student outcomes over time to reflect the MPS’ mission and any changes to state or local standards that support such a mission. Should any changes to the measurable pupil outcomes be made, MPS will submit those changes to the authorizers as an update to the charter.

Magnolia Science Academy Santa Ana formerly Known as Pacific Technology School Santa Ana is a Tuition-free Public Charter School

Magnolia Science Academy-Santa Ana

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