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Yoga, to me, is an integrative framework through which one can explore deeply personal experiences to heal and grow in an all embracing manner.

Often when we dream about change, it is about wanting to feel different. Only by meeting ourselves where we are can we rewrite the story of who we are. To drop down through the layers takes time and surrender.

It’s not necessarily about big feelings or feeling powerful. It’s about becoming soft and spacious. Letting life move through you and to you. And knowing that our power comes from our ability to tune in and listen.

To listen to our own energy deeply with compassion and respect.

To listen to the subtle and dynamic shifts.

To find balance through presence and observation.

To know when to stay…

And when to release.

My sharing is the coming together of my love for psychology, physiology, sociology and spirituality which comes to life in the refinement of the practice of Yoga. We are living walking feeling breathing miracles, mostly unaware of how magical we really are. Delving into intricacies of how the human mind, heart and body works accentuates this for me. Practice is the place of direct experience & integration that allows us to live this truth and find greater connection to self and those around us.

Creative exploration & integration to create Magick!

Yoga | Cacao | Reiki | Yoga Nidra | Ecstatic Dance | Woowoo

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