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It is our view at Lepton Education that every child should get the grades they are genuinely capable of. By extension, any student who has done well enough at GCSE to be accepted on an A’ level course, should do just as well on these courses. It is quite unacceptable that brilliant GCSE students should struggle so needlessly at A’ level through no fault of their own. We believe that there is sufficient expertise and resources available to ensure that such students succeed.

A student who is performing below expectation needs extra support and attention. This is where the teacher’s expertise should come in. It is the teacher’s intervention strategy that will make the difference between getting C and A grades.

Every year students struggle to make the transition between GCSE and A’ level. The reason is that there are many new concepts to grasp in a very short time. It is often suggested that students need to make the necessary adjustment to cope with this level of work. Teachers however do also need to make adjustments to help students cope. This is what we believe. This is what we do.

Students should not just be prepared with the expectation that they will do well in an exam. They must be prepared with a view to helping them master the subject. We use a range of simple strategies to accomplish this. Our students do exceptionally well as a result. If you have a desire to do well in your GCSE and A’ level mathematics and science courses, please register with us.

Welcome to Lepton Education. We provide specialist support for mathematics and science courses. Here, we don’t just teach. Our aim is to make you an expert in the subject. This is the only way to guarantee success.

Welcome! We provide tutoring and learning support for students enrolled in primary, secondary and A’level maths and science courses. English is offered for primary only.  Here are some great reasons to sign up right now: Packages from £55 per month Continue reading Lepton Education – welcome2→