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Learnowaves is a real-time online tutoring platform connects students to a group of elite academics and educationists. We are having world class experienced & Good knowledge tutors from all over world, who are well-versed in the subject-matter, teaching skills, and communication skills. They maintain our standards of quality for establishing example in online Live Education.

Learnowaves is a real-time online live classes platform for American Curriculum, Bristish Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, Edexcel Curriculum, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, CBSE, State Board student Grade 1-12 in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Zimbabwe, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, Myanmar and all over world.

We are having good tutors for subjects which are estimated tough scoring for students like Maths, Vedic Mathematics, Abacus, Science, English, Game Designing, Application Designing, Website Designing, Hindi Language, English Languages, Mandarin Language. Our students have been scoring good marks in their subjects.

Learnowaves understands importance of coding education in school life. It gives good logical power to students which not only improve creative, logical, analytical power of student but also helps in better learning of their academics.

We create an informative and interactive online learning solution that makes learning an enjoyable experience for our students. Learnowaves is committed to inspiring our students and providing them with the highest quality of teaching-learning experience at an affordable price. We strongly believe that the quality of teachers has a profound effect on the learning outcome.

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