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Learning Blocks is a locally owned and run educational development organisation, designed by Australian teachers, and based on the Australian National Curriculum. As every child learns in their own way, Learning Blocks takes this into consideration and delivers fun, inclusive and interactive lessons for children aged 3-18. We ensure children enjoy their time at Learning Blocks and benefit from the experience and high class teaching we offer.

School Readiness classes (Smart Squirrels) are designed for children aged 3-5 and aim to prepare them for the beginning of school. This program includes the development of academic along with social, emotional and physical skills. These sessions are fun and inclusive of each child’s individual needs. Children will complete the Smart Squirrels program confident and ready for school on a variety of levels.

The early and middle years tutoring program (Leapfrog Learners and Shooting Stars) are specifically designed in a way that will ensure children enjoy their learning experiences. A main aim of this program (along will all of our tutoring programs) is to instil confidence in the children. It is important that children believe in themselves in order to succeed.

The upper years tutoring program (Bridges Beyond) is much like the early and middle years programs in that it aims to develop the academic abilities of the children. It also gives them the extra help that they require to either bridge the gaps they have in learning, or strive ahead for extended results. For children in high school, specialised teachers take the sessions, which provides the students with a high class lesson delivered by an expert teacher.

All tutoring sessions are taken by qualified, registered and experienced teachers and can be run in small groups or one-on-one situations. Sessions can also be done outside of the centre, at the child’s home for your convenience.

*Qualified and Experienced Teachers

*Literacy and Numeracy Specialists

*Private tutoring 1 on 1

*Small group sessions available.

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