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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Lattu kids is an Early years Edtech firm based out of India. 90% of the human brain develops before age 5 and achievement gaps open up well before kindergarten. We’re building exciting products that dramatically improve learning outcomes for children from age 3 to 12, that address these learning gaps, and have the potential to enhance the future quality of life for those children and their families. Lattu kids is building scalable solutions in the area of early learning education using advances in brain science and gamification. We are changing the way kids learn in foundation years. Vision : To be integral to every child's developmental journey. We strongly believe that learning and education go hand in hand with fun and safe spaces in yearly years. Ambition : To be a global leading edutainment platform for kids from 3 to 12 years.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Pre-School at Home - Theme based learning - Literacy - Logical Reasoning - Reading and Fluency - Social and Emotional Outcomes.
event_available Phonics - Sounds of Letters - Sentence Reading - Sight Words - Book Reading - Literature.
event_available Jr. Shakespeare - Confident Speakers for Life - Beyond Academics - Confidence - Real Life Scenarios - Flexibility.
event_available Maths - Number and Operations - Arithmetic - Algebraic Thinking - Geometry & Measurement - Data Analysis.




Geometry Pre-School at Home Phonics Jr. Shakespeare Maths