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It is easy for kids to fall through the cracks in a crowded classroom. Many children can use the additional help of a private tutor. Because tutoring is done on a one-on-one basis, it is easier for the teacher to help the student in the area in which he or she is struggling in.Private tutoring is useful for cases where the child is falling behind of his or her peers. A Math or English tutor can help the student catch up on these subjects by creating learning strategy plans based on the individual needs, giving the student the advantage to outperform his or her peers. Our private tutors are ready to answer questions and get the student involved and prepared for their education. We guarantee your child will succeed and master their current struggling subject.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Tutor We tutor in multiple different subjects and cater to each child’s needs. Each program is designed specifically for each student and guarantees progress over time. We also offer tutoring for college and private school entrance exams. Both are extremely stressful and can determine a child’s future. We only want to take the edge off and make the students as prepared as possible.
event_available Test Prep Tutor By maximizing the content that only needs to be studied, your student will be able to tackle on the SAT or the ACT. SAT tutoring is offered for those wanting to take the SAT and ACT tutoring is available for those wanting to take the ACT. Our unique program will be sure to maximize your student’s score and get them into the school of their dreams.
event_available English Tutor There is no doubt that English is one of the fundamental subjects of any education. However, it can also be one of the hardest and most frustrating for many children. At Jane Cardwell Tutoring Inc, our tutors can give your child the attention that he or she needs. By making your child’s learning experience interesting and exciting. The English tutor can also orient the lesson plan to better address specific strengths and weaknesses to your child's learning style and ability. You may also want to look into our homework assistance and exam preparation tutoring. These programs are designed to ultimately get your child involved and allow them to use their english skills to their full potential.




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