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You choose exercises which strengthen your body. And you can experience new ways to exercise your brain. Come and experience brain exercises that you can do in a group and also do at home with family and friends. I am Keli Price, and I love teaching how to keep brains active. I have seen exciting, encouraging results when people exercise their brains. There are frightening statistics about the projected number of people who will have Alzheimer’s by 2025 and 2030. But there is also new medical knowledge about activities that make a difference when you invite the brain to participate in specific mental tasks. These tasks can increase focus, attention, memory, and problem solving. My passion is to bring this knowledge to aging adults. As an Amen Clinics Brain Coach I use Amen Clinics tools in assessment. My Brain Training classes fill at Rise, Sun City Grand, and other locations. I’ve given presentations to Lions Club, AARP, Alzheimer support groups, and several Senior Activity Centers.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Adult Brain Training Classes/seminars have recently been held at Sun Health in Surpise, Glendale Adult Learning Center, RISE Rio Solado Adult Learning, Sun City Grand Learning Center, churches, in our facility in Surprise, AARP meetings, Alzheimer Support Groups, Benevilla Caregiveer meetings, Parkinson support groups, and service club speaking events. Invite us to your meeting and be informed and inspired.
event_available Tutoring Keli Price is a subject expert teacher in Chemistry, Biology and related courses in the life sciences, and in Mathematics. Keli is a former research chemist, a nurse, and presently teaches on brain health and cognition to seniors. She has taught math and science in the elementary, secondary, and community college settings. Using hands on methods and making the problems as real as possible, your student will “see” what’s going on and understand their material. Call for our hourly rate depending on your needs and location. Online Tutoring also available to save on travel time.




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