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Welcome To Homework Tutoring!

Our centre will help to foster your child with a positive attitude towards a better future. We will provide suitable tutors and create a healthy partnership.

My name is Sally Cheng and I have been running the tutoring centre for seven years. Within these years, I have gathered much experience with regards to suiting different needs for different students.

Every child is an individual; they all have their own way of learning and a hidden talent. We not only look at the academic aspect of every child but also the practical side. This means…

Our centre teaches students through a one to one system. This way we are able to bring out the passion of learning within the child and enhance their potential. Likewise, we will help find their area of difficulty and improve it, securing a better future. We will help your child develop a routine for studying and taking on the responsibility of finishing tasks. We will encourage them to have a better attitude towards learning, helping them develop their self esteem. We believe that if the student wants to learn, they will succeed and achieve astounding results themselves, there will be no need to force them.

At our tutoring centre, we do not overload our students with homework. We strongly believe that homework is solely used for practicing & revising. I believe that if the student wants to achieve a goal, they will do it themselves. We provide work and readings where the student can download in order to further their self study. We do not believe that providing more homework will further a student in their studies, on the contrary, if a student is finding an area of study to be difficult, additional homework can be discouraging and stressful. All students should maintain a good balance between social and academic activities.

Our centre aims to assist and uncover the true hidden potential of the child, enhancing it and teaching them important skills which will be useful later in the work force.

Homework tutoring for students K-12 and first year university students in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Develop a strong study routine Self motivation Planning for your future To improve your knowledge Increase your confidence ​Understanding the work you are doing

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