Hugeheart Education Sydney

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Hugeheart Education Sydney, a subset of Hugeheart Education Group – has developed a number of holistic learning centres across Sydney including Chatswood, Campsie, Burwood and Sydney CBD. The core focus of Hugeheart is to nurture our students to achieve their best possible results.

Our first learning centre opened in 2007. Our focus is set on 1-1 and small group class deep learning with a “Mastery” focus on three core groups: Teachers, Students and Parents. Our attitude – believing that “There are no unteachable students in the world” is core to our continual improvement involving our teaching methodologies as well as understanding of all three “Mastery.”

In addition to daily classroom learning, Hugeheart Education also pay attention to the elite all-round development of students. Our Hugeheart Education team comprise of experienced and reputable teachers. In addition to academic achievements, our students are also taught personal skills that allow them to actively participate in public affairs and charitable activities and be able to contribute to the community. The students are trained to develop good character, elegant sentiment, personal confidence and correct outlook on life. These skills are taught and learnt as a natural part of their tutorials.

Our teachers specialise in breaking down the students’ complex educational topics into simpler “bite-size” pieces so that students learn with higher efficiency, do more with less and set foot onto the bright road ahead.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Junior (Pre-K to Kindy) Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten
event_available Primary School Tutoring Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Years 7
event_available High School Tutoring Years 8 Years 9 Year 10 HSC




Languages Known

Primary School Tutoring High School Tutoring Junior (Pre-K to Kindy)