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This GAMSAT study group Facebook page was created by Gold Standard GAMSAT to provide candidates a means to connect with one another and discuss GAMSAT preparation strategies. You do not need to be part of our Gold Standard GAMSAT programmes in order to participate. Gold Standard is not responsible for nor do we vet members of these groups in any way.

We believe students can optimise their GAMSAT preparation when they study in groups by way of sharing their knowledge, skills and resources. Students also tend to learn better when members of a study group come from varied academic backgrounds, or when they share different approaches. To further help students in their journey to medical school, Gold Standard GAMSAT will share advice and ideas based on what we have experienced as a GAMSAT Prep company over the years.

This page aims to connect students in Melbourne who are preparing for GAMSAT 2020-2021.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Courses Melbourne are live classroom seminars on campus to help you learn, revise and practice for the GAMSAT in Melbourne. Option: Watch a recorded version at home + free webinars!

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