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eduONE is a professional organization determined to converge the efforts of education consulting and training industry in order to assist students in making the right choice.

eduONE bridges the gap between the student and the education industry. It provides a common platform for everyone to exchange values. eduONE works closely with competent agencies and organisations

The organisation is dedicated to enhance the values in education consulting and training field by assisting its stakeholders and partners to professionally guide and mentor students to confidently take the first right step in building their career.

eduONE operates through a network of enthusiastic organisation in the field of training and development, career counselling, education media & promotions, allied services and universities & colleges.

The organisation is part of emVETO group which excels in the field of education, marketing, strategic partnerships, healthcare, events and entertainment sector.

eduONE brings end to end solution to internationally mobile students through professional partners in the field of foreign education. The key for the organisation is transperancy and prompt services.


The idea is to bring alive the dream of an internationally mobile student. Today any student intending to go abroad for studies have to employ dozens of services through different service providers (for e.g. English proficiency training, visa assistance, financial assistance, insurance, telecom, ticket bookings, accommodation, preparation for visa interviews, understanding foreign environment etc.). Trying to solicit services in a disorganized framework on one hand takes considerable time and at times delays their application by one season. We at eduONE intend to bring these fragmented services under one roof thus providing one stop solution for student’s every need. This will speed up their process and will give students timely and genuine guidance.


There are about 500,000 Indian students studying abroad. Annual spends by them is to the tune of USD 13 bn. Every year about 150,000 students are going abroad for studies and spending approx USD 4.5 bn in their tuition fee and living expenses. Besides they spend about USD 200 millions in India in order to prepare for their English speaking training, appearing for English assessment test and visa application processing etc.

The services taken by internationally mobile students or aspirants in India are all through unorganized sector. There isn’t a common minimum standard for customer services and the students are heavily reliant on the local players for realizing their dream. There are tremendous opportunities and they could be harness with a structured plan of quality delivery to all the stake holders and end customers.

eduONE expects to bridge this growing market gap by offering a complete end to end value solutions to its customers.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Only organization in its segment providing one stop solution to student’s all higher education needs

2. Know-how and experience of the promoters

3. Value based approach – The concept is to create value for everyone i.e. from end customer to all the network partners and stakeholders

4. Advisory panel including industry veterans

5. Strict adherence to the customer oriented philosophy. The network grows bigger with customers advocating brand

6. eduONE will have both the cost leadership and differentiation strategy for different products

7. The model is scalable for all the network partners, as they grow with the growing network of the company

8. The eduONE services are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. however the minimum quality service levels are standardized as per the global industry norms

9. The organization aspires to attain economics of scale by sourcing different services and offering integrated services to end customer under one roof

10. A dedicated R&D department continuously updates the content and passes on information to the affecting group transparently

11. Constant upgrade of eduONE products to make them more customer friendly and innovative services are key activity areas for the organization

12. eduONE understands its responsibility towards the underprivileged and through its non-profit wing along with the panel of academicians aspires to make English studies available for everyone

13. Operational efficiencies and turnaround time for customer delight

14. Customer services and innovative marketing activities

eduONE aims to simplify the career decision making of students opting for higher studies