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Brain master is the Pioneer in the country as a trainer for the Art of Abacus & mental math and speed calculation for a child's brain development. We have been imparting high-speed Mental Math Calculation skills. Brain Master motivates and train students, and helping them to realize their true potential by introducing them to the world’s fastest and phenomenal Mental Math system for hi-speed calculation and advanced application methods of various mathematics apart from arithmetic, algebra – which includes calculus, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, etc.

Our concept is based on the combination of the concise ancient mathematical methods and the structure of modern mathematics, bringing the gap between the two we have developed innovative methods to provide massive speed in solving math problems. It is a Whole Brain Development Program with the latest math teaching technology helping students score high grades in their academic studies.

Brain master’s method of teaching and the curriculum help students to excel not only in their school and academics but also in their lives and it enhances their IQ level by improving the analytical skills and thought process. This course is specially designed for kids aged between 5 to 17 years. It is based on the principle of Abacus & mental math. By using an Abacus with both hands help children in the coordination of the right and left brain. Through regular practice of mental arithmetic children can visualize and internalize the image of the abacus which will help them to enhance brain skills like: Academic performance, Concentration & Focus improvement, improving memory, Great Listening skill, visualization, mind mapping & brain stimulation, Self-confident 360-degree brain development, Removing phobia of mathematics & improve mental math endurance, Speed in calculation & accuracy, Analytical skill and undergoing the process of developing other aspects of mind.

Abacus & Mental Math # High Speed Calculation Program for both Primary & Secondary children.

Brain master is the Pioneer in the country as a trainer for the Art of Abacus & Mental Math and Speed Calculation for a child's brain development.

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